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Yoo I got blog now as well. Who reads blogs in 2022 ?

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

So basically I got bored one evening and I was like wouldn’t it be so “quirky” if I made a website. Two weeks later here we are.It's clearly evident that I don’t value my own time.Loughborough University has closed up for Easter and unlike most people I am in no rush to go home. Partly because I am hoping I can squeeze in a studio session before I go home and also because I have hella work to catch up on. Unfortunately for me both of my plans seem doomed to fail because I currently have a cold so I can't go to the studio and I am yet to even breath in the same direction as my books. It's fine though I'm chilling

I feel like a sassy teenage girl writing this blog which is not a feeling I ever thought I would enjoy but here we are. First blog post done. Bam!!

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