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Let's talk Brazilians

I know what you thinking, catchy title right ? So here's the setup, it's been a month since my latest single 'Keep It Going' released and its currently sitting at 2751 streams. Which is where the Brazilians come in. So I basically got put into this Brazilian workout playlist with 76 thousand likes which is where the bulk of the streams for this song have come from. The next logical question to ask would be, are you sure these are legit streams and not just bots? To which my answer would be shut up nerd stop asking all these questions. Now that I've addressed the whole Brazil issue let's talk music.

Caetano made the cover art and I mean look at it. What more can I say other than he's a dope artist. My sole intent when I was writing 'Keep it Going' was to make a record my friends could listen and get hyped to on car journeys to the McDonald's in Watchfield. I don't wanna brag but I think I've more than fulfilled my end of the bargain so it's now your turn.

Also most of yall mispronounce my name but I forgive you.

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