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The Rapper With The Nicest Moustache ?

What does he rap about ?" one might ask, basically anything. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting me you have inspired at least a couple of lines. Just in case you are wondering, no you can't claim royalties and this is simply because there are no royalties to claim. Being an independent artist pays nothing.

Rappers are some the most easily disposable kind of artist with a new one fading in and out relevance every year. The question that one ends up having to ask themselves during their musical escapades is "How do I Stand Out". Which is a question I was supposed to answer in one of my songs called "Stand Out". Unfortunately I never did, opting to talk about how highly underrated I am. How do I plan to stand out in the sea of mediocrity ? I don't  know for certain but you best believe the answer has something to do with keeping a moustache on my face at all times. Is this my shtick ? Having the nicest moustache in the rap game. Only time will tell.

My long-awaited 'Debut Ep' is out !!



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